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Our Story & Work

TA Global Solutions is a Malaysia Web Hosting Provider, by maximising our skills to bring more for our clients, we have came out with several core features that we provide, such as our webpage development, domain name registration, email hosting, website design, and web hosting, we are also providing dedicated servers and server co-location services to any clients who requires such features. Other than all these core features we provide, we have a wide range of additional features that we may provide for your website as well. So if you are looking for a reliable and capable partner to provide you a business or personal website masterpiece that is well worth it’s money. TA Global Solutions is definitely the company you would want to contact.

A Brief History

We have been in this industry, sharpening and polishing our skills for the past 6 years, and the proudest accomplishment for our team would be that every case we have worked on for the past 6 years, has been a striking success for both our clients as well as ourselves.

We believe that to create a successful online platform, having a online marketing approach would produce the most effective feedback. That’s why rather than doing offline advertisement, we put all our efforts into the internet. After all, why waste your time and money when there is a better way. Being an IT company, we don’t possess the latest hardware products, rather we strive to keep our software and programming skills up-to-date, making sure we have the latest, most effective programs and skills required for our client’s project to be at the top of the game from the get-go.

We know how much designs and advertisement mean to businesses, that’s why for the past 6 years, we have made great efforts to truly understand how we should apply designing and advertising to help your businesses go further.


We love what we do, we have fun together, and we do more than what is expected of us - to exceed and excel in our performance.


We understand and support our clients' needs, and commit ourselves to constantly explore new frontiers in marketing and communications.


We work openly and responsibly to build trust and to establish authentic, lasting relationships.


We work independently and as a team to empower one another and to work cooperatively.

Our team consists of highly qualified graphic designers that understands customer’s needs. Designs to increase market value, backed by elite programmers that are able to flawlessly program a wide range of features any websites would require, such as real-time web page payment gateway, a fully efficient and effective MLM software, a highly organized back-end system, and many more. Our company goal is to ensure each and every one of our clients, receives a final product that satisfies all of their needs.

Core services?

Web Design

Web Hosting

Web Development

Domain Registration

Email Hosting

Dedicated Server

Server Co-location

Internet Marketing

Mobile Apps

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